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Matthew Cotter

Lawrence Plastics’ has assisted in design, product development, manufacturing, and maintenance of six categories, XXX part numbers supporting xxx vehicle platforms. Lawrence Plastics maintains a high level of competence in part engineering and computer aided design systems. Our professionals CAD-CAM systems expertise includes working knowledge of CATIA, UGS, and CP3-NG to name a few. As well, our joint venture with XXXXXX engineering firm, provides immediate access to engineers with expertise in a broader range of CAD-CAM systems. Finally, Lawrence Plastics troubled supplier and turnaround management competence has grown since FY 2009. Since 2009, Lawrence Plastics has recovered manufacturing assets and fulfilled contractual product commitments for 10 troubled suppliers. Please see “Categories” for photographs of our components and vehicle platforms.


"2017 GM Supplier of the Year" Award Winner!

"2016 GM Supplier of the Year” Award Winner!